100% Natural

Eco Friendly



Masks for COVID-19

Protect you and your loved ones!

●  Sizes: S, M, L, XL
●  Kids and Adults
●  Price Range:  R20 - R30
●  Various Colors
●  Various Textiles
●  Light weight
●  Washable
●  3 layers OR Single layer
●  Embroidery options available


Sanitize your family and home!

●  Kills all Viruses and Bacteria
●  Eco Friendly
●  Quality products
●  Different sizes available

Due to high demand and shortage of staff please
contact Sarel for orders and inquiries.

Phone:   082 877 7959 (Sarel)


This is our Best Sellers and clients love them! We have many other products in the shop, check it out today.

Our latest PRICE LIST

Download as a PDF. Price List reflects all current prices.

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Nature's Bliss

We at Nella Natural use only 100% natural and bio-degradable products for all our products. Nature's best to you directly. No harmful  chemicals and would benefit everyone in the family.

Help us give back to nature...

Nature is to be looked after, we are hereby striving to plant trees,
plants or any way to assist nature and giving back. Be kind and plant
a tree, what we sow we shall reap.

Designed by    -     NELLEN DESIGNS  (083 302 3295)

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